Tapioca Syrup LS40

Tapioca Syrup LS40

Reduced Sugar than Standard Tapioca Syrup

Organic Tapioca syrup, derived from cassava root, is a natural sweetener gaining popularity in various food products. With a neutral taste and smooth texture, it serves as a healthier alternative to traditional sweeteners. Its versatility extends to gluten-free and vegan recipes, making it a preferred choice for those with dietary restrictions seeking a natural and tasty sweetening option.

It is commonly used in beverages, desserts, cookies and other baked goods, tapioca syrup provides a clean, sweet flavor without overshadowing other ingredients.

  • We provide Organic Tapioca Syrup with various sugar profile ranging from DE 27 upto 60.
  • Available in Totes, Drums or pails.
  • Available as Organic or Conventional NON GMO.
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