NutraFiber IMO Syrup

NutraFiber IMO Syrup

Organic & Non-GMO

NutraFiber Isomalto-oligosaccharide IMO Syrup is a functional and low-calorie sweetener. It consists of short-chain carbohydrates, offering a mild sweetness with a clean taste profile. Known for its prebiotic properties, NutraFiber IMO promotes the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, contributing to digestive health. With a lower glycemic index compared to traditional sweeteners, it's an appealing choice for those mindful of blood sugar levels.

Widely used in the food industry, NutraFiber IMO-T enhances texture in products like confectionery, ice-cream, gummies, protein bars and baked goods, serving as a healthier alternative in the ever-expanding realm of natural sweetening options. We provide a variety of sugar profiles with several dextrose levels.

Available from tapioca starch or Non-GMO Corn.

Available in both organic or conventional range.

Key Aspects:

  • Prebiotic Sweetener.
  • Reduced Calories.
  • Exceptional Tolerability.
  • Low GI index.
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